Q.   How do you distribute the shoes?

A.   We are in contact with teachers and principals from local schools in Ottawa.  They inform us of sizing and quanities and we deliver the shoes to the schools.

Q. How can I contribute?

A. There are multiple ways to contribute, we are always looking for golf sponsors and prize/auction donations for the golf tournament.  Gift cards to Payless Shoes, Walmart or other retailers that sell childrens shoes, monetary donations, or purchasing new shoes.

Q.  Do you accept used shoes?

A. No, we no longer accept used shoes.  We prefer donating brand new shoes and boots to the children

Q.  Do you take monetary donations?

A.   Yes we do, you can send e-transfers to our email address  friendlyfeetfundraiser@gmail.com

Q.  Do you issue tax receipts?

A.   No we do not, Friendly Feet is not a registered charity.

Q.  What percentage of the money your raise goes towards buying footwear?

A.  100% of the money we raise, goes towards buying new shoes and boots.  We are fortunate to have Canadian Kiosk as our website sponsor.

Q.  How do you raise funds for Friendly Feet?

A.  We have an annual golf tournament to raise money, we also partner with funhaven and 31 to raise additional funds.  Please check out their tabs on the website

Q.  What size of shoes do you need?

A.  We take childrens shoes starting at size 10 through adult size 8.

Q. How do I pay for the golf tournament?

A. E-Transfers can be sent to ffgolf@live.ca or friendlyfeetfundraiser@gmail.com



Contact Information

Email: friendlyfeetfundraiser@gmail.com